How to Word Your Hyperlinks So They Get Clicked!

Most email campaigns have hyperlinks that the advertiser wants people to click. How can you increase click rate? If you are using an HTML email, you can hyperlink words. Compare the following…

Sample A: Opinion Form – Click Here
Sample B: Your Opinion Counts – Click Here!

Sample A: Click Here for More Information
Sample B: Increase Sales Up to 300% – Click Here!

How you decide to phrase your hyperlinks can impact your click through rate. Pay special attention to how you do this. Your hyperlinks will grab the eye and are often the first thing read on a page, so be sure to say something with your hyperlinks.

In a text email you will need to show the actual link, but you are able to name the link title. People will also read the web address you include in your email message and try to decipher where they are being sent so keep it short and sweet. Be sure the page listed has a name that fits the promotion.

Here’s an example:

Click Here for a FREE Listing

(the link above does not actually work, it’s merely an illustration)

Great Link Titles Also Include:

  • Click Here for Full Story
  • Click Here to Learn Details
  • Please Tell Me More!
  • I’m Ready To Learn More
  • Click Here to Improve Results
  • How Do I Get Started?
  • Click Here to Register for a Free Gift
  • I Want a FREE Test Drive

The key is to remember that links get read more than the surrounding text, so make them juicy to read. Make sure they excite and entice the reader to click.

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