Interview: Steve Hopper – Why Most People Fail

Published on November 15, 2019

Jason: So you’re saying don’t wait for the countdown?

Steve: No. It actually says that it’s already streaming, so go for it.

Jason: Wow. All right. We are live. I am here with Steve Hopper who is an author, success coach, and speaker. Today, what I wanted to do, if that would be fun if we got together and did a live…Steve, do I have your video?

Steve: Yes, I should have be on here. I can see me, bro. I don’t know if you can see me.

Jason: No. I’m looking here and I just see…oh, there you go. Okay. So it hands off based on who’s talking.

Steve: There you go.

Jason: These are just the types of things you can’t do a dry run for. So anyway…

Steve: That’s right.

Jason: …I thought I’d introduce you. You and I have been working together now for, gosh, coming up on probably four months. And you work with speakers, you work with entrepreneurs.

And we’ll also get a chance to talk a little bit about this exciting event that you have coming up a little bit later in October. Is that cool?

Steve: Yeah, absolutely, man. Thanks for having me on, bro. It’s a pleasure to be here with you, man. I’m excited.

Jason: Well, I’m glad to have you. So why don’t we back up a little bit. I think a good way to segue in, I said author as part of your credentials. Tell us a little bit about your book and how that was inspired.

Steve: Well, the book is called “From Prison to Purpose” and it can be found on Amazon. If you just go and search for it, you can also go to and you’ll receive a signed copy if you go through Steve Hopper Books as opposed to Amazon, but whatever your preference is.

The book is really basically about my story and the journey that God took me through to come to understand what my purpose was, what I was supposed to be doing. He kinda laid out the blueprint for me.

And it really all related to my experiences in life, both personal, professional, the ups, the downs, everything, all the clues were there.

As far as writing the book goes, you know, I started speaking, I started going out sharing my story, I had no intentions of being an author or writing a book.

And people just kept telling me going, “When you’re gonna write your book? When you’re gonna write your book? When you’re gonna write your book?

And finally, I was like, “All right. I get it. I need to write a book.” So that was what prompted me to actually write the book. And I’m glad I did because this had a huge impact, the testimonials fly in on a consistent and regular basis from people all over the world that have been impacted by the book, the content of the book, and the actual message, overall message of the book.

So definitely a good read, quick read, purposely did that. It’s a book that you can read in a two-hour plane ride or you can, you know, spread it out over a couple days if you choose to. But it’s definitely a quick, easy read and a very powerful one.

Jason: Fantastic. I wanted to ask you a little bit too, as I’m going through your Colors of Influence training.

Steve: Yeah. The…

Jason: Okay. And not look at your video at the same time as I’m talking, because I’m looking like, “Uh-oh, we lost audio,” but no, I’m just looking at what you said probably 30 seconds ago.

Steve: Yeah. Yeah, don’t pay attention to Facebook because there’s a lag. So, yeah, Colors of Influence, man. How are you enjoying it? Are you liking that?

Jason: I’m really liking it a lot. I do see myself. I think we’re all probably a little bit of a blend although they’re…you know, I know some…reds were the first color that you started off with.

And I’m like, “I know some reds.” And what was interesting to me as I’m listening to this and as I’m taking notes on is I’m wondering if some of this came about, you know, during your time [inaudible 00:03:49] where essentially [inaudible 00:03:51] Cosmo Society and all the different personalities.

Was part of it shaped there, or did that come later?

Steve: No, absolutely. It’s crazy because I did a lot of personal development when I was in prison. And one of the things that I went through was personality training, and it was the DISC training. And, you know, obviously, we’re all a combination of all four of the basic personality styles.

But in each one of us, there’s that one dominant style. And if you can really learn the personality styles, then you can very, very quickly pick up on what personality style somebody is when you meet them.

Now, why is this so powerful? Because if you understand a person’s dominant personality style, then you know how to connect with that person, you know how to speak to that person, you know how to influence that person.

So it’s very, very powerful. It’s powerful when you’re in sales. It’s powerful when you’re in networking or marketing to know the dominant personality style of the person that you’re in front of because it makes that conversation and that communication flow so much smoother and you have a better result at the end.

So, yeah, to answer your question, in prison, I actually began to really study this and learn it. And it helped me out tremendously there, you know, because when you’re behind the fence, it’s a pretty dangerous place to be.

And when the people around you decide really whether you live or die that day, you get really good at understanding people and communicating with people. So it was a powerful tool to have and understand while I was there.

And then when I got out of prison, I carried that into my professional career as well. You know, it was one of the reasons that I was able to propel in Corporate America, become a national sales trainer.

And when the light bulb went off and I decided to become an entrepreneur and control my own destiny, it obviously aided in that as well. And it’s a very powerful training. Everybody loves it. I know a lot of people have been through the personality trainings before.

But the Colors of Influence is a little bit different because what I focus on the Colors of Influence, you know, a lot of times, people will go through the personality trainings, and they’re going through it because they wanna understand what personality style they are.

So they can go through it and they’re like, “Oh, yeah, that’s me. That’s me.” We’re always searching for our own personality style. But what happens is, is when you do it more than once and you begin to study and you begin to really learn it, then the focus goes away from you and you realize that it’s not about you, it’s about the people that you’re in front of.

So when you really wrap your brain around and you study it well, you begin to meet people out in public and shake their hand, and immediately, you can tell what their dominant personality style is, and then you adjust yourself to that person style.

And when you do that, you become a master connector and a master communicator.

So it’s a very powerful training, bro. So keep going through it because…you know, and don’t just go through a once, go through it numerous, numerous, numerous times. And guys, if you’re interested in going through that personality training, I put it online.

I actually took the training.

I charge thousands of dollars to go teach this in Corporate America. And I actually put it on training for a literally a fraction of that. And you guys can go to if you wanna go check that out.

Jason: I’m really enjoying it. And through it, I am hearing what it must have been like to master these and pick up some of these points in such a high-risk immersive environment in what you were through. I mean, you’ve probably learned pretty fast when the stakes are that high.

And was also really impressed with just how much I was learning about the other person because, you know, you do go in there looking, “Okay, which one is mine?”

I especially liked how you make it very easy to identify people. I didn’t think it was gonna…you know, just from observing them, maybe not even talking to them yet, you can learn a lot.

So when you start, you’ll know, essentially, how that person’s motivated, how they think, what interests them.

Steve: Yeah. And what’s crazy is when you really wrap your brain around it, you can actually go to somebody’s social media page and just scroll through their social media page and very, very quickly you’ll know what their dominant personality style is just based on what they’re posting.

Jason: I like that. That’s a good exercise. That would be a good exercise to see. That was excellent.

There’s other things I wanted to get to a little bit today. Namely, you’ve got an event coming up in October. This is your signature event. Does it happen annually or twice a year?

Steve: Twice a year. This was the last one for 2019. And it’s called The Hundred Thousand Dollar Handshake. And the funny thing about this event is I wanted…you know, as I was out networking my business, I was realizing that a lot of people that I was meeting at these networking events really didn’t…they really hadn’t mastered the art of networking. Like, they were just kinda flying by the seat of their pants.

They really didn’t know how to take networking and use it to its fullest potential. And you could just tell when you talked to them that they did not know how to connect with people and how to transition those relationships into mutually beneficial relationships, right?

So I started thinking to myself, “Man, I need to put something out there that will teach entrepreneurs and business professionals how to get better at this networking game,” right, “this offline networking game.”

And so I decided to do an event at my house. And I had about 12 people. And I can’t remember what I charged to come to it. But we spent two days going through all this content.

But what happened, Jason, on day one was something pretty crazy and it was something that I had no idea it was gonna happen because, literally, I went into this event thinking, “Okay. I’m going to get in and teach everybody how to become better networkers.”

And I asked a question on day one in the morning to everybody in the room. And I said…excuse, me the question was, “What’s the one thing that you feel like is holding you back right now from accomplishing everything that you wanna accomplish in business and in life?”

And as we went around the room, people began to give answers that, honestly, I had not anticipated we’re gonna come out. People began to reveal things in front of their peers that were deep, deep things that they felt in their heart were really holding them back.

Now, yeah, there were some people that got up and gave some kind of superficial answers like time management or whatever, right? And once we dug a little bit deeper, we realized it wasn’t really time management, it was this overall lack of self-confidence that they had that had derived from some situation that took place in their life.

And so they’ve been living from this place of fear. And they’ve been living from this place of lack of self-esteem, etc., etc.

And as we began to dig into this stuff, bro, people began to have these life-changing breakthrough moments. And they walked away from this event going, “Oh, my life has been changed forever.”

And honestly, after that first event, I thought, “Okay. Well, maybe this was just a one-time scenario, you know, this was just like kind of a freak situation, I had certain people in the room that made this event this way.”

And so I did the event probably about six months later. And this time, I went out and I rented a facility and did it at, I think it was a hotel. And we had probably double the people that showed up. And I asked that same question on day one and the same exact thing happened, and it was unbelievable.

So this event has definitely become a life-changing event, a breakthrough style event.

Now, we still, obviously, jump into content, like, you know, networking, relationship building, I talked about branding, we even dig into the Colors of Influence a little bit at this event.

So it’s a very power-packed two days that if people come and they open their hearts, and they open their minds, and they’re willing to take a really hardcore look at themselves, and what they’re actually giving on a daily basis to their to their business and to their life, people can have some major, major life-changing breakthroughs, which will take their business to a completely different level than where they’re at right now. So it’s a powerful event, bro.

Jason: This is gonna be my first one. So I’m excited about it. We’re gonna go ahead and I’ll make sure to put comments in here with the dates. But why don’t we just put it on air, is it October…?

Steve: October 17th and 18th. It’s in Tampa. We’re running an early bird right now.

The tickets to this event are $197. However, we’re running early bird right now, which is half price on the tickets. So for $97, you get general admission for both days. So definitely, if you’re interested and you wanna have a life-changing opportunity in front of you, then you wanna attend this event. So go get registered. Absolutely.

Jason: Okay. And they can do that on your site,

Steve: Yeah. Or they go So will take them directly to it. Yeah. If they go to Steve Hopper International, they might have to navigate a little bit. You know how people are nowadays, right?

None of us…we wanna go and click a button and be in. We don’t wanna navigate too much. So would be the best place. Yeah.

Jason: That’s 100, 1-0-0, not spelled out.

Steve: That’s right.

Jason: Before we wrap here, what are some of the things that you most frequently see? You touched on it a little bit as far as dealing with confidence.

But what was one or two of the things you see repeatedly holding people back that you were surprised were so prevalent?

Steve: Confidence is definitely the biggest one. You know, it’s also an understanding as well, which is gonna relate back to confidence again, and that’s really the root of why most people are being held back is because they don’t have the belief in themselves to go and accomplish the things that they would like to go and accomplish.

And, you know, it stems from everything we’ve experienced in life, all the failures and the times we’ve been told we couldn’t and shouldn’t, and all of that. But most people don’t realize that their life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, have really gotten them ready for this time in their life to go and accomplish those things that they wanna accomplish.

And we all have this expertise, and this knowledge, and this experience that people want. People are gonna be attracted to it when we begin to share our knowledge and experience with others.

And the problem that I see with a lot of entrepreneurs is that they think, in their own mind and in their own hearts, that their knowledge, and experience, and expertise is not gonna be valuable to others. And one of the reasons for that is comparison.

So what is they’re on social media, it has a lot to do with this, and they see other people on social media that are extremely successful and they’re doing all these things. And what they do is they compare themselves to those people and they say, “Well, I’m not gonna get to that level because, you know, nobody’s gonna wanna listen to me.”

But the problem is that there are so many people that are focused on the 1% instead of the millions that are just trying to get to the level that they’re at.

So their knowledge and expertise is very powerful, people want that. And, you know, I put a quote out now long ago that said, “Knowledge is power, but sharing that knowledge is purpose.”

And I believe that when entrepreneurs and business professionals really come to the understanding that their experience is very powerful and that it can help others and lift others up when they start to share that knowledge and expertise, not for profit, but just because they wanna help others, they’re going to become extremely profitable because what they’re gonna begin to do is attract people to them because of the value that they’re providing.

And that ultimately is going to result in more business, a greater circle of influence, and obviously, a lot of impact along the way in others as well.

You know, true success is when we become part of somebody else’s story. It’s when we impact other people in a positive way and lift people to another level. It’s not always about the money. But if you go out there with that focus, then the money will come.

You know, it’s like Zig Ziglar said, “You help enough other people get what they want, and ultimately, you’re gonna get what you want.” And there’s not a truer statement I believe out there than that one.

And again, it balls back, Jason, to the self-confidence. And I know this is something that we all struggle with. You and I have had numerous conversations about this. I struggle with self-confidence at times.

And, you know, I’ll go to shoot a video and I’ll be like, “Oh, man, is that really valuable enough? Are people gonna think that, you know, that’s good enough or whatever?” And so we all struggle with this confidence.

And it’s just a matter of us continuing to provide that value out there to the market. And our confidence will not only get better but we will begin to draw more people to us. So I think confidence and I think sharing your expertise, and your knowledge, and your experience, I think those are two things that are really, really holding entrepreneurs back right now.

Jason: Those are two of the big takeaways that I would cite certainly for the work that we’ve done together, how you’ve been able to help me.

I think we did get it a little bit ingrained that once we’ve mastered something or once we understand something and it becomes easy and second nature to us, we sort of disregard it and its value, and we quickly forget what it took for us to acquire that.

And I think it’s also very common for us to start to think that it’s common knowledge. Again, just getting what it took to acquire. What you said that stuck with me was, you know, it’s not boastful, it’s not going out there and sharing your information, this isn’t something you should be afraid of, or ashamed of, or have any sort of guilt around.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to help other people and what you have can do that. Your purpose, you’re finding your purpose and you’re actually…you taught me to treat it more like a responsibility, and that was very helpful.

Steve: I mean, imagine, you know, I mean, there’s times that, you know, you beat your head against the wall trying to figure out what direction you should go in in your business, what strategies you should take, what changes you should make, and there are people out there that can come in and just give you a couple little nuggets.

You know, take a look at what you got going on, give you a couple little nuggets that can literally change the game for you because there’s this outsider looking in, you know, at your business. And, you know, it’s a very powerful thing.

So having people in your life that can help you…there are people that can help you skip levels, that can help you go through a little bit less pain because they’ve already been there and already done that.

I know you, Jason, with your business, you know, you have helped so many businesses with their digital marketing. And if they would have never brought you in, if they would have never swallowed their pride and said, “Okay.

I can’t figure this out on my own,” or, “I don’t wanna figure this out on my own,” then they wouldn’t be where they’re at on the digital marketing side because they would have never allowed you in the door to share your expertise and knowledge.

And so it’s always a good thing when you let people in that can help lift you to that other level.

So that’s another downfall that I see a lot with entrepreneurs is that they try to figure it out on their own because they don’t want to spend money to invest in a mentor coach to come into their life or they just don’t understand the power that it could have in helping them skip those levels and sacrifice a little bit of that pain along the way.

Jason: Well, you’ve been helpful and instrumental, certainly, in getting me more motivated. Even this video, right, getting on here, doing a live, which I’ve never done…well, I have done before, you know, one really more professional like this interview style, which has been really cool. I don’t wanna keep you any longer.

Let’s go ahead and put out there one more time, The 100K Handshake. It’s coming up October, did you stay 17th and 18th?

Steve: Seventeenth and 18th is a Thursday and a Friday. Yes.

Jason: I just wanted to make sure I remember that. It is on my calendar.

Steve: Yeah, good.

Jason: And they can go to Register with the early bird and get in there. I’ll be there and Melissa is gonna be there, a bunch of other really great folks and people who want to grow their businesses, learn, and expand. And looking forward to it. Thank you…

Steve: Yeah. Thank you.

Jason: …for coming on today.

Steve: Thank you, bro. Thanks for having me on, man. Anytime, bro.

Jason: Awesome. Awesome.

Steve: All right.

Jason: Have a great day.

Steve: Yeah, you too.

Jason: And [crosstalk 00:22:24].

Steve: God bless you, guys, everybody. We’ll see you soon.

Jason: Thanks, everyone. Take care.