TONE Up Your Marketing! Inside the TONE System.

Published on December 2, 2019

Hey everybody. Jason Lexell here. Today, I want to talk to you about a book that I finished called “TONE.” TONE-How Stop Chasing and Start Attracting New Clients.”

What I wanted to do is develop a system or a framework that was easy for people to remember that could give them the critical components for developing a customer acquisition or lead generation system.

It’s not really a lead generation system primarily because it takes you through acquisition of the customer. I also noticed in my years of working with different companies that lead means different things.

I can give you a list of names that I think might be interested in your business and call them leads. Other people would say that’s not a lead, this is just a list of names.

“TONE” is a customer acquisition platform or strategy and it helps you to identify like I said, the four key components.

T Stands for Target

So we start with T in “TONE” and that is target.

We have to know who we’re talking to. Once you know who you’re talking to, once you know their needs, once you know what’s important to them and what things they respond to and where to find them, your job becomes a lot easier. So we start with T for target.

O Stands for Offer

Next, O stands for offer. It amazes me how many people will do an advertising campaign and make no offer. They’ll just say, “Hey, this is what I do, my company is X, Y, Z.” Now, sometimes that works.

If the person likes you, if they walked into your presentation just thinking about how they might need somebody to help them with the issue that you work on. There are a number of different components there where sometimes people don’t need an offer, but if you want to get a number of a much higher number of people actually engaging with you, make a specific offer a free trial or something to give away.

But I don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves here.

N Stands for Nurture

The next in “TONE” is N and that stands for nurture. Nurture is critical in any type of a well-developed customer acquisition strategy because it helps us to realize that people don’t always decide right like that when they’re shown something. They want to kind of stand back and let it marinate, maybe have you talked to them a little bit, maybe learn a little bit more.

So a good nurture strategy usually includes a few different outreach points. Maybe you develop a presentation and then maybe during that presentation you offer them a free five parts video series about something that drips out over time. Through repeated exposure to your message, to you, to your business, they develop a level of comfort, which helps take them across that threshold where they’ll want to do business with you.

E Stands for Exposure

E. We finish with E, which stands for exposure. You read that? All right. This is what’s funny to me in most…When I work with a lot of companies, their lead generation or their customer acquisition strategy is just this, exposure. I’m gonna buy an ad, I’m gonna run an ad on TV, or I’m gonna buy an ad in a newspaper.

I’m not going to make an offer. There will be no component of nurture involved. It will just be, “Hey, here’s who I am, here’s my phone number, here’s what I do.” There are times when this actually works. The problem is it’s expensive, because it doesn’t work as efficiently as a more well-rounded strategy does.

And there’s just been a lot to help substantiate that exposure without a specific offer, some kind of an offer that they will be missing out on if they don’t take action within a certain period of time does not capitalize as well.

So you wind up spending a heck of a lot more money on just a basic exposure strategy and you only get people who are so, so, so in need that they don’t really need a whole lot of educating or nurturing.

And the rest of them just leap, they see your ad, they move on, there’s no building of a relationship. So again, this is what I frequently see, I save it to the end because once you get your target figured out, that will help you to develop your offer, an offer that’s compelling to that audience.

You’ll have to know who they are. What they respond to. In fact, I even like it when my offer has a nurture component in it.

Notice I gave the example of a free newsletter or a free E-Series or a free video training, because the way lessons are stepped out, it helps nurture when you’re teaching somebody or if there’s some installment component to your offer.

And then finally, once these elements are addressed, we go out, we find out where can we put this in front of people that our audience will respond to? What does our audience read? What does our audience pay attention to?

Where do they spend time? Maybe it’s LinkedIn, maybe it’s Facebook, maybe they will respond more to YouTube or maybe Google AdWords using keyword targeting to get the traffic in.

Maybe that’s the best way to do it if they’re in fact out there searching for answers on things.

So you have a number of different components, the foundation is called “Tone.” Remember it, target, offer, nurture, exposure. It’s very difficult to develop a compelling customer acquisition system without those fundamental elements to them.

You have any questions, my name is Jason Lexell. I help companies to grow online using effective marketing strategies. Thank you.