Why You Can No Longer Ignore Reviews…

Published on December 2, 2019

Hey everybody. In today’s video, we’re gonna be talking about the importance of reviews for your business. I frequently get asked by people who wanna grow their business, what is one of the simple key elements that I can do to help grow my business online to help get me more customers?

And reviews are something that we should start building today. Even if your business is just starting out, you, the person who starts off sooner generating reviews for their business and creates a process around that over time it becomes a moat around your business, a protection.

Let’s pretend that you’re getting into an industry or a line of work and you’ve got a couple of guys out there that have been collecting reviews for years. They’ve got 100, 200. That sounds like a lot. But in some businesses, 100 to 200 reviews on Google is actually not that many.

You decide you want to enter the market and you’ve got zero. Great. So somebody finds you in search engine and you happen to show up with these other companies and you’ve got zero reviews, you’re not getting the call. Google now shows the number of reviews. Very similar to a product on Amazon, you’re gonna see a number of stars and either if you don’t have any reviews or if you don’t have a sufficient quantity of reviews, people will bypass you.

So what happens then? They call the guys with 100 and 200 reviews and they land that business and then the person goes back and leaves them a review and now they’ve got 201 reviews and you’re still at zero. So if you don’t start to build reviews and create that as a serious function in your business, what happens is your competitors start pulling away further and further and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is difficult to generate new customers when they go online and they’re not seeing you well-reviewed.

So there are three main reasons. I just pointed out one of them. showing up in the search results without reviews just means that you’re not gonna get the call. So search engines. Additionally, what you might not know is Google is using the number of search reviews as a ranking factor to determine how well you rank with your competitors. Let’s say there’s 20 people that you’re competing against in your market, and Google can only show 3.

Well, one of the criteria it uses to determine who to show is the number of reviews. So that’s one component. Social proof is another. As I mentioned, if you’re showing up with these guys and you don’t have reviews, you just don’t have the social proof to make them feel comfortable about picking up the phone and calling you, why would they when there’s other more trusted businesses out there? The third one would be building a moat around your business.

As I’ve illustrated, it becomes a competitive advantage that people can’t just come in and buy and take away from you. If you start the race earlier, then you start building the reviews, everybody else then has to catch up. Getting reviews is not easy. Getting positive reviews is not easy and doesn’t just happen unless maybe you’re a restaurant and in a type of business where there’s a very high volume of customers and people like to leave reviews, a la Yelp or restaurants and those types of businesses.

So build your competitive advantage, start collecting reviews, and develop a system that helps to continue getting fresh reviews into your business. You’re gonna see an improvement in Google, you’re gonna see an improvement in the number of people who pick up the phone and call you, and it will allow you to stand out from your competition. My name is Jason Lexell, I help online businesses grow. Thank you.