Correct and consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) information plays an important role in creating a successful and highly visible online profile that can generate more revenue for your business.

The problem is businesses often have out of date information, different phone numbers and address inconsistencies showing up in their citations. Further, it’s seldom that any business typically takes complete advantage of all the top citations they have available to them.

Our Localized Citation Service package helps you to get a clear look at how Google sees your citation profile and we assist you to claim citations you may be missing and fix those that need to be corrected.

The result is more high-quality citations for your business, improved search engine visibility, and more business.

What’s included?

Citation Audit for Your Location – We will run a detailed report showing your citations and citations that your competitors have that you may have missed. In this step we will analyze the source of your citations and see which need updating.

Consultation on Findings – In this step we will show you the results of your audit and make recommendations for the citations to claim and fix.

Repair & Report – In this step we will update inaccurate and submit to directories where you may not have a listing. We will follow up with regular reporting so you can see your citation profile improve over time.


We priced this offering to make it attractive for businesses large and small.

Our fee to perform this audit and repair is $497 per business location plus submission fees.

Typical submission fees are $7.50 each. If we fixed 10 citations the additional submission fee would be $75.

The best part is, once this is fixed it can pay dividends to your business for years to come through an optimized search profile and improved call volume.

How To Get Started:

Please contact Jason Lexell on (813) 530-8477 for an introductory consultation to discuss how your business can benefit from our Citation Audit and Cleanup service.

Or email to inquire and tell us more about your business.