Solid Wood Bedroom Bench – Consignment Project

This is my first ever commissioned woodworking project!  A good friend was struggling to find a bench that was wide enough for the foot of her bed, in the style she was looking for.

Building on consignment is a unique experience and something I enjoyed.

The top that delivered with the bench was the second one as the first twisted on me and it was impossible to straighten out without tweaking the base.

One of the great elements of working on a project for a client is they often don’t know what you have or haven’t done before and it pushes you to grow.  I’ve never built a base before that connected at the legs.

I’ve also never built using pocket holes to hide all my hardware.  Moving forward this will become standard.  🙂

Thank you to Holly and Noah for being my first ever paying clients and giving me the opportunity to provide a piece for their beautiful home.

They intend to stain or paint the surface.  I’ll update when I have more info.

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