5 Keys to Getting More Industrial Business Leads


1. Localize, localize, localize:

Customers are increasingly looking for local businesses, not just in their hometown but in their particular neighborhood. Google has also become more location-centric, only showing users local business locations. Therefore it is vital that a business website be hyper-targeted in location settings to make sure that local customers are finding their particular business. industrial-article.002

2. Target a Specific Kind of Customer:

It is important to understand the profile of the person who is buying your product. They all share certain traits, a “digital DNA.” By finding these common bonds between different customers or clients, it is possible to micro-target certain consumers in order to appeal directly to buyers. Information providers like InfoUSA and Dunn & Bradstreet maintain databases of information. You provide them with name and address of some of your customers and they can find companies with similar attributes. This way, you can create highly targeted marketing materials to attract these businesses. industrial-article.005

3. AdWords and SEO

One way of finding consumers looking specifically for your product is by appearing high in the search rankings for targeted keywords. Two ways to do this are through an Adwords campaign and organic SEO efforts. These are great for lead generation because they are easily measurable and only put your business in front of prospective customers. Unlike print or media ads or cold calling random businesses, you can be sure that you are getting your page in front of clients looking for businesses just like yours. You can also fine-tune campaigns and easily control the cost. industrial-article.003

4. Collecting email addresses and remaining in contact

The old adage is that it is more cost effective to retain customers than to find new ones. In order to do this, a business needs to remain in constant contact with their customers. Collecting email addresses and tailoring emails directly to these businesses can help foster relationships that lead to long term growth for your business. It also shows your customers that they are important to you and can prevent them from shopping around with your competitors. industrial-article.005

5. Having a responsive website that appeals to mobile users

More and more, people are using their phones or tablets as the primary means of accessing the internet. If your page is built solely for desktops or laptops, you are leaving money on the table. A responsive website immediately recognizes the device a user is on and formats the page specifically for that user. This way, users can easily get the information they need and contact your business. These simple strategies can make it easy for businesses to develop industrial leads and help grow your business. The best part about these strategies is that they help develop not just a large quantity of leads, but quality leads. It can be a huge waste of time for a business to target customers who aren’t ready to buy or who aren’t a fit for your business. By using these strategies, you can find the exact customers you are looking for and help grow your business.]]>

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