What if My First Lead Generation Campaign is a Flop?

Keep On Keeping On Do not be discouraged though. There are people, experts in the Lead Generation industry who can help you create campaigns that avoid some very common rookie mistakes. Just remember it will still be an initial campaign and it will probably start in a place that can be improved significantly through the proper interpretation of initial results. So, your launch is not the end. The launch of your landing page and paperclip campaign is the beginning of the interpretation, of the improvement, of taking the steps necessary to make it into a winning Lead Generation system. The more you do this, the more you will realize that it is a critical element to developing the Lead Generation system. Be patient, allocate time to it, and focus on moving forward — testing and identifying what’s not working and fixing it. When generating leads and creating a campaign, I cannot stress this enough – it is a process. Generating leads is not an event, it’s not a onetime thing you set up and never touch again. You can have a room full of executives and smart marketing people who all decide that a landing page is the best landing page, with the best marketing copy that they have ever seen in their life, only to put it before the audience and see it flop.

Getting It Right Before the Competition Does

Be prepared. The best marketers are those who know that a good campaign has to go through several iterations, tweaks, measurements, tests, interpretations of results, monitoring, testing, monitoring, testing, and revisions. There are people who don’t have the patience for creating a Lead Generation system. When they put something up, it doesn’t perform the way they want, and it’s quickly dismissed as broken, not for them, doesn’t work, doesn’t work for us, not worth our budget, not worth our time, and they move on. Well, that may be true in some cases. Often times that is an overused diagnosis by business owners and they pay the price when their competitors come along and stick with it, take some setbacks, figure out the solutions and develop a Lead Generation system that helps them get affordable customers that can build their business. Now wouldn’t you rather go through that process before they do?]]>

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