A Compelling Email Subject Line Checklist

The Promise Your subject line must promise the reader information that they need NOW. Anything vague here in the way of what you have to offer the reader will be detrimental to your results. Make a promise that will positively impact their lives. Just be sure you can back this promise up.

Capture You Reader’s Interest

Any form of writing, whether it’s a novel or a short subject line, requires a creative imagination. Tap into yours and write subject lines that immediately capture the reader’s interest. You might use humor or suspense or take a current news item and turn it on its head. The more interest you capture, the more clicks you’ll get.

Offer a Solution to a Problem

I don’t know about you, but when I have a problem and I meet someone who has the solution, I stop and listen. Some of the most powerful email subject lines ever written were the ones that offered a real solution to the reader’s problem.

A Strong Call to Action

Sometimes people actually need to be told what to do. In marketing, this is what’s known as the “Call to Action.” Phrases like “Watch this…” “Read this…” “Find Out…” and “Learn how…” are some examples of how you might shape your call to action to get your reader to take specific action – in this case – opening the email to read on further. Seems so simple but it can have powerful results for your campaign. Remember to avoid anything gimmicky in your subject lines and always remember your subscriber is a real person. Offer them real help and valuable information in a creative way, and you will be on the path to email marketing success!]]>

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