Finding the Right Email Newsletter

Picking the right audience for your company’s offerings is very important. Your objective should be to find a newsletter sent to individuals that have the need for your services and the power to buy them.

Here are a few questions to ask prior to doing a placement in a newsletter:

Who are the subscribers?

You’ll want to know where the subscribers to the newsletter came from. Find out if the recipients asked to receive the newsletter. Ask your newsletter representatives to describe their audience. If they don’t have demographic studies – and most don’t – ask how they know about their audience.

How many advertisers are accepted per issue?

Sharing the newsletter audience exposure with six other companies will yield fewer results for you than if you are the only advertiser. Steer clear of newsletters that have too many advertisements. Newsletters with too many ads look sloppy and just don’t generate results. You need to strong content-to-advertiser ratio.

Where will my ad appear?

The ideal location for a newsletter ad placement is after the first one or two paragraphs of content. You want your ad to be sandwiched in between content. If your ad appears immediately at the top, you risk getting scrolled off the screen immediately as the reader makes room to show more of the newsletter content and dives into the articles.

What’s the Average Response Range?

Ask the newsletter sales representative about the range of clicks that advertisers can expect to receive. This answer will give you a better gauge for the value of the newsletter than the actual circulation numbers. Ultimately, where you fall in that range will depend on how appealing your offer is to your audience.

These are some good questions to get you started. Other questions may include, what “repeat advertisers” promote with them.

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