3 Reasons Email Works Well for Lead Generation

A Targeted Relationship Having a list of targeted subscribers, people who actually want to hear from your brand specifically, is very powerful. What makes this even more powerful is that fact that email marketing allows you to build relationships with these people, and this is the perfect storm for generating sales and leads.

Lightning-Fast Response Time

One of the key reasons email marketing is so effective is that generally, each campaign will see 90 percent of responses within the first 48 hours after mailing. This is great when you want to test different messages to determine which offer gets the best response. Compare this to traditional direct marketing campaigns that can take weeks or months to determine if they’re effective.

Email Campaigns Are Easy To Track and Manage

There are a number of ways you can track an email campaign. First, you can easily see how many people actually opened the email. This is a vital statistic because if people aren’t even getting to your offer, obviously none will convert. If this number is low, new subject lines should be tested. Speaking of the offer, we can also see how many people are clicking on that as well. And of those who do click, we can tell how many signed up. And all of these statistics can be seen in real time, which is priceless no matter what niche or industry you’re in. The bottom line is, email marketing is one of the best ways you can leverage the internet and grow your business in the coming year.]]>

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