How to Use Questions Effectively in Your Email Message

Your email message is generally a one-way monologue from you to the advertiser. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t solicit “audience participation” with well-positioned questions.

Why would we do that?

In this course you’re learning how to break up your copy to make it more attractive and readable. You can do this by occasionally reaching out to your audience with questions to grab their attention.

Do you see how that could be important?

Using effectively placed questions gives a warmer touch and a more conversational feel to your message. It also re-centers the reader and draws them back into your copy.

Can questions also be used to highlight an upcoming topic?

Well, yes they can. By positioning a question on a line by itself you can highlight the information contained in an upcoming paragraph. This helps identify areas of a subject your audience may not know and further enhance their need to continue reading your information.

It’s a great technique to continue bringing your readers back. Give it a whirl.

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