The Best Ad Busting Technology

Are you tired of annoying pop-ups? Are you sick of junk email? Has your computer been taken over by a spyware program that’s messing up your life?

Fear not, help is on the way.

(How’s that for cheesy openers?)

Do you find it ironic that a site devoted to web marketing would also have ad busting technology? It’s not really. I like to believe that ad busting technology gets rid of unwanted irrelevant ads.

We are advocates of targeted, relevant and responsible web advertising.

Just like you…

  • we hate spam and spammers
  • we hate pop-ups
  • we really don’t like programs installing themselves on our PCs!

The following tools and techniques for blocking spam and stopping pop ups work well. I’ve used them myself.

Stopping Pop Ups

Pop ups are everywhere these days. Yahoo! has them, MSN has them… You name it, if it’s got a huge audience, someone has installed a pop-up. Well you have rights.

The following program will disable the function of your browser that allows pop-ups to appear. It’s called Stop The Pop. It’s easy to install and it also allows you to allow for pop-up windows when you need to.

Spyware Eliminator

For the longest time I couldn’t figure it out. The second I’d go on the Internet I’d begin getting these pop up messages. It drove me crazy. What’s worse, I knew that it wasn’t from the sites I was on.

These Spyware programs will drive you nuts. They hog your resources and throw ads in your face at every turn. Lucky for us there is a solution.

My hacker friend turned me on to a program called Spyware Seek and Destroy.

Catchy title isn’t it?

This program runs a scan of your system looking for spyware. I was amazed at the garbage that had attached itself to my computer. I’m a clean surfer and I know many tricks to avoid, but still it found at least 20 of these programs on my machine.

After it finds them, Spyware Seek and Destroy will also eliminate the culprits.

To download your copy visit and search for “Spybot Seek and Destroy.” It’s easy to run and will clean out all the nasties.

Until Next Time…

Well, that’s all for now. Those two programs will take you a long way towards keeping your machine clean and improving your web surfing experience.

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