Getting Web Visitors to Take Action – One Simple Technique

Simplicity. For example, the site has a button on every page that says, “Click here to contact a sales representative.” “Click here for any questions you may have.” “Click here to set up an appointment with one of our skilled technicians.” I found over the years that if there is something you want your audience to do when they arrive on your website, ask for them to do it everywhere. I don’t mean that literally. What I do mean is, we can’t assume that they are going to peruse the entire website and finally at the point where they’ve made the decision to contact you, or reach the end of the page of some enlightening information, that they are then going to take action.

Ask for Action!!!!

So prompting them is key, and you can do that by developing a nice graphic that is carried site wide, on the footer of pages and at the end of articles, at the bottom of product pages, to the right or to the left throughout the site, so that when they click on that one link that they’ve seen several times with the same message, it funnels all those people back to a place where they can take your most desired action. You have to decide what that action is, of course. If it’s an appointment, you can send them to a form where they can fill out an appointment request or a sales person contact, or request additional materials, or information that then requires them to enter their details, so they can be followed up on. But, it can really be as simple as just asking for the lead and asking often. So many people forget to do that. Delivering the same message on that link helps the customer to focus on one simple action that seems easy to do. Requesting an action that is simple and offers a desirable result to your audience improves leads and inquiries.]]>

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