How to Turn Junk Mail Into Gold

Ready for a few profit-making ideas?

Great! Before we jump in, just let me quickly welcome to the first issue of the Digital Harvester presented by Digital Harvest Media with contributions from Hype Communications. I’m glad you’re here! Okay…

Today’s topic: “How To Turn Junk Mail Into Gold”

Everyday, millions of emails shoot accross the Internet promoting everything from Software to Seminars. Advertisers from a wide variety of companies collectively spend millions of dollars to get their message into your inbox.

After the blast happens, the very next thing that marketer wants to know is, did you open their message or did you delete it without reading it?

Let me ask you something…

Have you ever received an email solicitation that you decided to open and read to the very end? Did it start with a story or the promise of something that kept you interested? Did it get you to click and view a demo or click to the site and complete a form?

If it got you to act, chances a professional wrote it. And this is IMPORTANT. Why?

Because it’s a valuable golden nugget, and you should save it as an example of how to pattern your next mailing! That’s right, get in the habit of collecting “junk mail.”

Not all junk mail, of course. Just the pieces that grab your attention or get you to act.

Here’s the thing:

The Internet is still an “infant” and there’s s very little formal, results-producing-training available. But you pick up a huge amount of wisdom just by analyzing what works on you! (And it’s simple to do.)

Try this. Set up a folder in your inbox and start saving email offers that do a good job of capturing your interest and getting you to take action. As you build this list, you’ll notice some uncanny similarities and common denominators that you can then apply when you do your next campaign.

For example:

  • What in the subject line captures you?
  • Does “who” it’s from have an impact?
  • How does the email start?
  • Are the paragraphs short or long?
  • Do they use bullet points to help make it more readable?
  • Does the ad tell a story?
  • Start looking for ways you can borrow a few good ideas. A lot of savvy marketing
  • consists of copying others’ successful methods. Be alert and take note of what works.

Becoming an effective online marketer is a process. You can learn just as much from the bad email as you can from the good email. Keep your eyes on your inbox and watch for what works.

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