Author: Jason Lexell

Email Ethics: The Basics of Permission Marketing

Our spam-ridden online world has spurred a lot of talk about permission-based email lists or opt-in email lists. What does the term “ permission-based ” really mean? How can you build a permission-based email list? How do you use email to communicate with your subscribers respectfully? What is a Permission-Based Email List? The answer to […]

Tips and Techniques for Publishing Email Surveys

Why send out a survey? You could learn about your current customers. Or you might find out what’s most important to your potential customers. One sentence here about why you should survey, something to the effect of: They offer a way to keep in touch with your audience or collect information, even when you’re not […]

How to Turn Junk Mail Into Gold

Ready for a few profit-making ideas? Great! Before we jump in, just let me quickly welcome to the first issue of the Digital Harvester presented by Digital Harvest Media with contributions from Hype Communications. I’m glad you’re here! Okay… Today’s topic: “How To Turn Junk Mail Into Gold” Everyday, millions of emails shoot accross the […]

Viral Email Marketing – The Secret to Word-of-Mouth Advertising Online

Would you like to learn how to make your marketing message take on a life of its own and spread like wildfire… for free? In this issue, as you may have guessed from the title, we will be discussing viral marketing. This is a unique breakthrough component that can be added to just about any […]

How to Format Your HTML Email for Maximum Results

Most email marketers seek a substantial return after just one blast. But do repeat advertisements to the same group have any benefits? Does frequency have any place in email marketing? Yes. The term frequency refers to how many times you reach an audience with a message. It’s strange, but many clients I work with run […]