Author: Jason Lexell

How to Pick a Winning Email List

Your email campaign will fly or die based largely on the audience you select. In most email campaign endeavors the search for the right list is where the quest for results begins. To find the perfect list you will need to do some research. You can start with the information in the Resources section of […]

How to Turn Junk Mail Into Gold

Ready for a few profit-making ideas? Great! Before we jump in, just let me quickly welcome to the first issue of the Digital Harvester presented by Digital Harvest Media with contributions from Hype Communications. I’m glad you’re here! Okay… Today’s topic: “How To Turn Junk Mail Into Gold” Everyday, millions of emails shoot accross the […]

The Best Ad Busting Technology

Are you tired of annoying pop-ups? Are you sick of junk email? Has your computer been taken over by a spyware program that’s messing up your life? Fear not, help is on the way. (How’s that for cheesy openers?) Do you find it ironic that a site devoted to web marketing would also have ad […]