Author: Jason Lexell

The Secret to Mastering Email Frequency

Most email marketers seek a substantial return after just one blast. But do repeat advertisements to the same group have any benefits? Does frequency have any place in email marketing? Yes. The term frequency refers to how many times you reach an audience with a message. It’s strange, but many clients I work with run […]

How to Word Your Hyperlinks So They Get Clicked!

Most email campaigns have hyperlinks that the advertiser wants people to click. How can you increase click rate? If you are using an HTML email, you can hyperlink words. Compare the following… Sample A: Opinion Form – Click HereorSample B: Your Opinion Counts – Click Here! Sample A: Click Here for More InformationorSample B: Increase Sales Up to 300% […]

Tips for Making Your Email Newsletter Ad Work

There are many points and strategies to consider when crafting an effective email newsletter placement. The following tips should get you off on the right foot and help you maximize your ROI. Negotiate Good Positioning Newsletter sponsorships vary in their design, but most offer a text ad placement approximately five lines long and 65 characters […]