The Secret to Mastering Email Frequency

Most email marketers seek a substantial return after just one blast. But do repeat advertisements to the same group have any benefits? Does frequency have any place in email marketing? Yes.

The term frequency refers to how many times you reach an audience with a message.

It’s strange, but many clients I work with run advertisements month after month in the same magazine, but wouldn’t think of emailing an offer to the same person twice.

You do need to be careful of how frequently you contact someone about something, to avoid being irritating, but frequency does have its place in email.

I’ve seen follow up messages that get three times the response rate as an initial message.

You have to be careful. Be sure to offer some new information. Use a slightly different approach. Do not just send the same message.

For newsletter publishers and those who offer information in their mailings you have a bit more leeway in how frequently you can mail to your list. If you publish currency exchange rates, you might send email out daily. However, if you publish a monthly column dealing with email marketing, it’s likely you will not be able to mail more than once every two weeks without overstepping your bounds.

It’s something that you need to keep an eye on. If you start mailing your audience too frequently you’ll find that un-subscribe rates start to climb. You might even send out a questionnaire to your audience asking them to indicate how frequently they’d like to hear from you. Like any other marketing variable you should keep a close eye on the interval between communication, and how it impacts the audience and their behavior.

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