Tips for Making Your Email Newsletter Ad Work

There are many points and strategies to consider when crafting an effective email newsletter placement. The following tips should get you off on the right foot and help you maximize your ROI.

Negotiate Good Positioning

Newsletter sponsorships vary in their design, but most offer a text ad placement approximately five lines long and 65 characters wide. This is hardly enough space to sell a product or service, but it is enough space to inspire your audience and get them to click and visit your offer page.

Develop a Winning Headline

The headline for your advertisement is very important. This should be designed to stop people in their tracks, get them to take notice, and generate a desire to read your 4 or 5 lines of copy.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Promote your product’s benefits
  • Start with the words “How to…” or “Discover…”
  • Offer something free, such as a report or demo

While your headline announces your advertisement it also bears the responsibility of separating your ad copy from the content of the newsletter. This is why most newsletters put the headline copy in all caps. However, ALL CAPS is not as readable as a mixture of upper and lower case when writing subject lines.

Invest time getting the headline right. Your headline will do most of the heavy lifting for the ad. Your objective is not to sell your product. Your objective is to get those who would be most likely to have an interest in your product to click and visit your landing page. Your landing page is where you will sell your visitors.

Seek An Endorsement From the Newsletter Editor

Some newsletters are written by individuals who have built strong rapport with their audience over time. If the newsletter editor is recognized as an expert in a field related to your product or service, then you could stand to gain quite a bit from a personal endorsement by the editor. You may even be able to get the editor to cover your product as a featured solution to an industry problem.

Endorsements can be very difficult to secure without first developing a good relationship with the editor. You’re asking the editor to put their name on the line for your product, so you’ll need to be able to show you can deliver value.

By leveraging a trusted editor’s relationship with their audience you can deliver in one promotion what it takes some companies thousands of dollars to achieve through advertising. They are not always easy to get, but if you can, the payoff will be worth it.

Use a Landing Page

In a standard email ad, you have about one page of copy to sell your products and services. You don’t get that much in a newsletter advertisement. Because you have less room to tell your whole story, direct your visitors to a web page specifically designed to respond to your ad and get them to take action.

Track Your Results

Many newsletters offer link tracking so you can monitor your results. Make sure to ask for this. If the newsletter does not offer link tracking, an effective way to track your results is to set up a special page that will redirect visitors automatically to your offer. You can do this by setting up a new page that has a tracker code and a meta refresh tag. Once the visitor clicks on your link in the newsletter they will arrive on the tracking page which will automatically record their visit and forward them to the final destination page. This type of system will allow you to track the click-throughs.

This fundamental tips can create huge results in your campaign performance. It’s important to remember that all campaigns are a work in progress and may require some tweaking as you go along to perfect.

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